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May 22, 2019


"The Best Gifts for Groomsmen,

According to Experts"

May 2, 2019

We were named

one of the



New York Weddings


Another Wild Hare

Praise for

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We've been featured in

"Is the Wedding Wow Factor Worth It?"

"When Love Is Not the Wedding's Only Theme"

April 19, 2013


"Wedding spending: Is it for 'wow factor' or is it just madness?"

June 5, 2019

"With less than a year and what came out to be 130 guests and a 3 month old with a large wedding to plan, I am so glad I hired Leah as our complete wedding planner. she and her team were simply the best to work with and nailed our vision."

- Isabel, married on Aug. 27, 2016

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"We can't recommend them highly enough. Some examples of how excellent they were and how they made our wedding look amazing and run smoothly: - My wife had a strong vision of what she wanted in terms of florals and design for the venue. Leah did an excellent job not only bringing that to life, but adding to it in ways that we really loved. - I'm an Australian, and Leah went the extra mile in giving us a personal touch. In her flower arrangements (which her amazing team did all on site!) she sourced a range of fantastic Australian greenery. It was a fantastic surprise that we were not expecting!"

- Sam, married April 13, 2019

"We literally could not have had the wedding of our dreams if it hadn't been for her! She is incredibly organized, assertive, and on top of everything. She had great ideas and suggestions, listened to everything we wanted and made it happen, and seamlessly moved throughout the wedding day tying up loose ends, smoothing out little kinks, and making sure we were taken care of."

- Hailey, married on Sept. 22, 2018


Peter J. Casey Photography

Peter J. Casey Photography


"Leah and Another Wild Hare were amazing! We needed a wedding planner because we would never have found the time to plan the event, but we went into the planning with an EXTREMELY limited budget, considering that we wanted to invite about 120 people. Leah found us a venue --a STUNNING new venue that was still under construction and therefore willing to give us a great deal. Leah and Danielle felt like partners throughout the process, trying to figure out not just what we wanted, but who we are as people. They totally understood the style and feeling we were aiming for. They pulled it all off without a hitch. We can't recommend their services highly enough!"

- Abby, married on Sept. 29, 2013

"Leah was terrific! She and her team did all sorts of research, planning, background checks and weeding through the mass of vendors/information to help us get what we wanted at the price point we could afford and make our wedding an unforgettable event for our guests, as well as ourselves. Leah's contacts in the industry were all very top quality, and actually saved us thousands. She has some good connections and they are lovely to work with as well.

- Diane, married on June 8, 2013


"Leah was our day of coordinator and I can't sing her praises enough! I met with her two weeks before our wedding and she helped to better flush out and detail our timeline, offered numerous suggestions based on years of experience, resolved issues before they became a problem, and gave me such a great sense of confidence. She was patient and listened to what we wanted and helped to create and achieve that vision."

- Ashleymarried June 10, 2017

"Another Wild Hare was one of the best decisions I made regarding my wedding (perhaps second only to choosing the groom)."

- Alecia, married July 2013

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